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I Signed The Flag.

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Flag-Signing event on March 11th, 2015 with the veterans and their staff at the Syracuse VA Hospital.

Flag-Signing event on September 20th, 2014 with the Skaneateles, NY Legion #239 for their annual 'Clam Bake'. A great day and we had opportunity to connect with many veterans, family members and sons of veterans from all wars and campaigns bringing many together sharing stories and building relationships and comradery.

1- Fully-Signed flags left at 'The Vietnam Memorial Wall' @ 3:30am Sunday 5/25/14.
2- 6:00am in the Pentagon Parking lot with Rolling Thunder.
3- 6:30am 'signing' flags in rememberance.
4- Artie Muller- Nat'l Executive Director of Rolling Thunder.
5- 'Signing' more flags mid-morning on Sunday with Rolling Thunder.
6- Staging up bikes in the Pentagon Parking lot for 'the Run For the Wall'.

We were honored to be asked to do a 'Flag-Signing' Saturday, April 5th, 2014 for the Honor Flight Syracuse, NY Veterans from Korea and WWII. They were flown to Washington D.C. Memorials for a day of reflection and appreciation, and a memorial return reception and ceremony for their service to our country.

September 28th, 2013 'Flag-Signing' event with Operation First Responders and the Ocean City, NJ Fire Dept. on the boardwalk at the Music Pavilion, for their 'Walk For the Wounded'.

June 2013 Flag-Signing with the VFW Regional Convention, Lancaster, PA.

We were privileged to have many come and sign a flag to be 'Forever Remembered' with Rolling Thunder 2013 at the North Pentagon Parking Lot Memorial Day weekend.

We were honored to have Helen a stewardess, Gracie- an Army Nurse serving in Qui Nhon '66-'67, Mike with MACV ADV TM '70-'71 and Nancy one of the famous 'DONUT-DOLLIES' from '67- '68 all serving our country in Vietnam, sign one of our flags that will be left at 'the Wall' and in Vietnam archives.

  1. Leaving 'signed' flags at 'the Wall', Memorial Day 2013.
  2. The privilege of meeting a South Vietnamese soldier at 'the Wall' and discovering we were in the Saigon area at the same time.
  3. 2013 Vietnam Veteran Memorial Fund ceremony with Jan Scruggs and m/c Lou Diamon Phillps.
  4. Afghanistan and Irag Memorials.
  5. Afghanistan and Irag Memorials.

( click on any photo to view photo slide show )


Jan Scruggs, Founder and President of Vietnam Veteran Memorial Fund's Education Center and Artie Muller, Executive Director of Rolling Thunder also felt honored to sign a flag this Memorial Day in forever rememberance.

Veterans at a VA Hospital signing a flag to be 'forever remembered'.

Flag-signing at the Rolling Thunder 25th Anniversary with Rolling Thunder 2013 Motorcycle Rally
Pentagon Parking Lot - Washington D.C.

Rolling Thunder XXV Tribute with Gary Sinise & The Lt. Dan Band

Flag-signings with the Joint Forces for Wounded Warriors and VFW in Pasadena, Maryland.

We look forward to a flag-signing with you. . . just contact us.

"I Signed the Flag" to be forever remembered.